Monday, March 14, 2011


this video is unbelievable. showing the tsunami sweeping into japan live. people trapped in floating houses and everyone up on high ground crying and powerless to do anything. i think we have all been thinking about this all weekend.

DONATE NOW with canadian red cross to send help to japan. my pal heather who has been has been living there for 3 years said the aftershocks went all night long! crazy. i guess all we can do is send money and love. if you have a cell phone you can donate by texting the word ASIA to 30333 to make a one-time donation of $5, that's pretty easy.


Anonymous said...

i donated $10 not much but if we all give a little....

Ana said...

I haven't been online to other pages besides updating mine to tell people I am ok ever since the earthquake that happened at the north.

To conserve power, Japan has been having scheduled blackouts in order to pump that power to the north where it's colder and much more needed.

I really appreciate the small post about Japan.


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