Tuesday, March 15, 2011

obsessing and promising


maybe i should just start a vintage fur blog?! this is my blond fur liberated from the citadel theatre costume sale last year, it's taken a lot of patching up but i think it'll make it through this last bit of snow melt and then be recycled into some trimming.


100% cotton white hoody i dyed fluorescent chartreuse, i know i'm OBSESSED! worn with my new black cheap monday jeans.


i've been wearing the black diamond beeswaxed cotton purse with the raw leather strap. bad, i know, i need to list this purse on etsy already but i'm waiting for some better fabric, for now it's for sale in stores only in recycled leather. before the snow thaws i promise to have them all up and hopefully my build-a-bag website with TWO new designs i've been working on for my crystalline series.


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