Sunday, March 13, 2011


sunday's make me greedy, think i'll go for a little shop.

wave necklace
arielle de pinto necklace

vpl bra

snake clutch and tassle rope belt
photo from facehunter

this fabric from the miu miu fall 2011

here is my weekend etsy treasury i curated I WANT


sariska said...

Arielle de Pinto's jewelry is fantastic. I bought a bracelet last year that I wear constantly. The construction colour and patience it took to make still makes me so impressed.
Get it - it'll never leave your neck!

Genevieve said...

i know i know i'll wear it till i die and it'll be like an heirloom i pass on to my granddaughters.... i've been looking at them for soo long but $800 + is quite an investment...maybe i could convince her to take some bags to trade hmmmmm

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