Friday, March 11, 2011

what do you do?

question: what do you do when you are bored of your clothes?
answer: dye them BLACK!

yup my army green jacket i got from the costume department at citadel theatre.... dyed it black. and my chinese quilted cotton vest and my hoodie...dyed it black

eve gravel sequin dress worn with my new cotton bleach dishcharged stockings by the wonderful threesome? lost and found purchased at puces pop last weekend.

my precious vintage silver bird brooch from my best buddy kayla. watch this funny funny

i want to design a coat for fall 2011 using waxed cotton with a simliar front.



erin k. said...

here's the most important question!

when you dye things black, how do you keep them from then dying everything they come in contact with black? there are so many things i've thought about dying black, but i'm too scared. i dyed a shirt burgundy once, and it is still giving off colour years later... i am the worst at dying.

Anonymous said...

hmmm well you need to follow the instructions exactly, it's best to do the stove top method. and then wash it in the machine with soap when done. you can add vinegar to wash to help it set better. i've never had a problem, just wash it a few times after????

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