Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's in my bag?

I love this game and I love these kind of posts.  Tomorrow I'll show the purse.
Pocket knife I bought at an antique mall, the inscription says 'OLD TIMER'. I can't wait to go back to edmonton's antique mall when I am there in the spring they are the best!
Vintage gold leather purse I use it as a wallet and I have completely destroyed it :( DSCF4431
I love this little book and it's gold gilded edges. The idea is you write a line a day for 5 years but I think that's stupid. ha ha ha. I'm just using it as my accounts book and day timer for one year since the pages are basically blank with the date and no year. (I have to write down everything I make and spend or else I get into trouble.)

A lady always carries a hanky and I have such a weakness for buying these at church bazaars. Also I have a cheap sunglasses addiction.
DSCF4442 Key chains are from my parent's travels. Silver one from my father in Egypt and Gold Eiffel tower obviously from mum's trip to Paris. 

editors note* since this post went to press the spring snow we got melted! it's now plus 22 in montréal! so i burnt the mittens and toque and all winter accessories (kidding). time to bike, and that's no joke.

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safdar ali said...

I am inspired by this key chain i am going to replace my plastic key tags with these key chains.

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