Friday, March 16, 2012


Late last night while leaving my studio via the crummy, scary back alley I stumbled upon a launch party for SNAP magazine. A FREE Canadian independent magazine (my favorite kind). I love the large size of it and the feel of the paper, it's that thick matte stuff. I didn't really stay for much of the party, I didn't know anyone and everyone looked about 1.5 times cooler than me. So I stole a ballon for my kitten and went home to have a bloody mary and read the magazine. I liked it. Fashion shoots were a tad underwhelming but I loved the photography and I loved the food articles. I will definitely be trying out the The Black Hoof restaurant and cocktail bar on my spring trip to Toronto, they are into cooking hearts, tongues blood and brains mmmmm.


Have you ever given a helium filled ballon with a long string to a kitten? It's some kind of wonderful, Krugman ran all over the house pulling it behind him like a kite. Even pipi was delighted.


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