Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy G Day

DSCF3878 Groundhog's Day who cares right? but i'll take this opportunity to show off my new boots. Thanks to some christmas money from a certain mummy. These Racheal Comey booties are perfect for the Montréal mushy winter and coming Spring. Also I am pleased to be getting a practically free massage today from a friend of a friend in massage school. yipee! DSCF3880
I bought them online at totokaelo, come to think of it I do most of my shopping for myself and business online now. Is that weird?
 All R.C. shoes are made ethically in Peru. DSCF3881
Isn't Krugman getting big? Also Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day is on Netflix and that guy knows how to do holiday movies. Just Say'n

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