Sunday, February 13, 2011



i was born in the 80's and grew up in the 90's this makes me partial to neon colours. this weekend i tried my hand at dyeing some silk crepe de chine fluorescent and it's so fun! this is a fluorescent yellow/chartreuse.


i made this dress half and half because it's all i had left after making a full dress for selling (show later). the bottom is a dove grey silk i got in nyc.

i wore it to a valentine's party last night. i think i've been watching too much gossip girl because there i was sewing and thinking i'm so "jenny" making my dress to go to a special party forgetting that i don't go to high society fashionable parties, i go to obscure basements in the back alley parties were it's too dark and smokey and cold to care what you are wearing and the cops come and break it up before i even get my dance on.


still working out the photo booth problems, i need better lights and more of them.....


Victoire said...

oh my god, this colour is to die for!!

Anonymous said...

i'll send you some :)

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