Monday, November 8, 2010

brooklyn and washington


these are a couple spooky photos of the area in brooklyn where we were staying... it was kinda ghetto, a homeless lady/man in a pile of rags would smile and wave "good morning" to us everyday from the condemned house across form ours. but it was cheap and a wonderful b&b run by a really nice guy.


brooklynn flea market on saturday is outside but on sunday it's in this beautiful church. pretty regular stuff we got: records, coffee and dinosaur earrings. YES!


we also took a free bus through huffington post to washington on saturday for the jon stewart and steven colbert rally to restore sanity in america (boy do they need it right now). it was overwhelming like 250 000 people attended. this is my favorite costume.





rally's are ok and all but my favorite part of Washington was going to the outdoor flea market and eating fresh made pretzels and buying pearl earrings....that's just me.

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Clayton Ward said...

You didn't like the part where we had to push our way through a thousand humans to get that vantage point near the porta-potties where you couldn't hear anything? What about the part where we got up at 4:00 am?

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