Tuesday, November 9, 2010

black mold bags

these bags are for spring 2011 but i will be selling a few PRE SPRING pieces and samples at SMART DESIGN MART. luckily bags are good for anytime of year.




reptile pebble printed new leather bottom with black canvas top bleach treated to give the deadly black mold appearance. the straps are belt weight and there is a zippered pocket inside. this bag looks stunning up close and from afar.



the black diamond purse is made from the same reptile pebble printed new leather. it has a thick zipper on top and bottom giving you two separate compartments in your purse and the strap is detachable with a swivel spring clip so you can flip your purse upside down effortlessly.


i should also note in these photos i am wearing the spring 2011 black tencel pleated pants rolled up and the black see through box pleat blouse tucked in. this pant fabric is amazing, so soft and drapey like silk. dresees from my 2011 collection will also be available in the tencel fabric in colours black and army green.


retail price $370

retail price $380

these bags will be available on etsy soon!!!!

i love sending mail and receiving mail and i would like to start a mail list for my preferred customers/blog followers if you are interested please email me at myrtleandpearls@yahoo.ca with your address and i'll mail you updates and special discounts as soon as i can. xoxox


Mary Hudson said...

I love both of these bags --- if only I could buy one every season!

elizabeth said...

Looking great, sunshine. Hmmmm, maybe I need a new bag.

Anonymous said...

i'll put you both little darlings on my mail newsletter. g xo

elizabeth said...

yay! i love mail!

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