Tuesday, October 5, 2010

puces pop part 3

It was a crazy busy puces pop fair, very successful. Also stressful (especially because i don't speak french so good). It was held in the basement of the St. Micheal's church, which is a beautiful church, and honestly i didn't get any pictures of our table or the other vendors. I did however capture the sausage guy (who is not part of puces pop) but showed up Sunday morning across from us and I'm guessing is there every Sunday after the service to sell meat and cheese to the old people (who looked very bewildered and displaced). Elizabeth and i have been wanting to visit some stunning churches on Sunday service and i think this one just won my affection with meat. check out Persuasion to see a picture of the craft sale and one beautiful puces pop purchase that i covet.


here is a picture of some stuff sold. i got rid of all my samples (clothing and purses) which is great and a lot of necklaces and feather earrings sold, also great.

AND just because she's so cute here are pictures of pipi trying to fit into one of the tupperware containers i carry my stuff in while I was working and packing for the sale.


ha ha ha ha



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Victoire said...

cats in containers are the best!

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