Thursday, September 30, 2010

puces pop


here are some more goods to be found at my puces pop table this weekend. Also an article in the concordian about it all and *ahem* featuring me. the above picture of course features crystal totes, all hand dyed and beeswax coated. one has a leather bottom and one (a new version) which is ALL LEATHER. recycled leather. also the dress i am wearing will be for sale.


black cowl back sample dress size small made in a fake silk suede but very believable and beautiful and.... gangster spray paint gold and black skeleton keys some are ombre gold and black, these will be affordable.


also last night i went to the kick off of pop montreal, the fashion pop show. it was very inspiring and wonderful to see 6 creative montreal designers put it all out there for a little la chateau prize. unfortunately the the setting, although beautiful, was not ideal for a fashion show. it was at the rialto theater and there was no runway so witht massive crowd you couldn't see much so i just added this photo from the worn fashion journal of my favorite designer JOSE MANUEL ST-JACQUES of the night. i don't even know who won, i don't think i could have picked. we left for a glass of wine and late night sammy at casa.

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elizabeth said...

Natasha Thomas won, whose work I also loved. She and Jose Manual were my favorites for sure. Such talent!

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