Wednesday, July 31, 2013

fashion cleanse


I'm having another fashion cleanse. I get into these moods in the summer where i only want to wear the same thing everyday for weeks at a time. For me it's this old ratty silk dress i made a million years ago.


It's not just because i am poor. I sometimes get sad with how much disposable trends we create and consume in the fashion industry. 
This dress makes me feel like i live in the future. It is my uniform and I am free from the North American obsession of buy buy buy buying things. 


It's so simple. In the morning all i have to choose is my accessories. 


Anonymous said...

I've been doing the same, for more or less the same reasons, but with an Ursa Minor silk dress. I've always loved this piece of yours, and am sure I wouldn't feel the need to wear anything else either!

Genevieve Savard said...

thanks! it's also fun when you hand wash it in the sink all self-righteously.

Ava said...

You know how much I love the uniform dress!! Xox ava

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