Wednesday, January 2, 2013

baby reindeer krugie


Well I'm flying "home" today to Montréal minus one little reindeer. I could only bring one cat back with me on the plane since they don't allow them in the baggage compartment around the christmas season. So I had a little Sophie's Choice moment deciding which one to take. Krugman was really fussy in his cat bag and pipi has been following me around like a daemon terrified I'll leave without her so the decision was made for me. Don't cry my mom will enjoy Krugman's company and then ship him back to me very soon.


elaine ho said...

ahhhh so cute!! this picture is amazing... he needs that hat surgically grafted onto his head.

Genevieve Savard said...

you're right or at least super glue them on then they'll shed off naturally like a real reindeer's do.

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