Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post POP

Pop Montréal is over! it's always such a mad/fun week here.
This year Puces Pop was so busy I didn't really get to shop much but I made a sweet trade with the talented Kerri of Westlake Designs for this amazing hand knit 100% wool toque in oatmeal (I love the giant pom pom). 
AND I gifted myself this wrinkle wash lambskin purse that I made and didn't sell. I am so happy and ready for Fall. These purses will be available soon online and in stores.

I also bought some pickled carrots from the amazing Camilla of Preservation Society who was sitting across from me at the sale. As you can see I've already eaten half of the jar. You can buy her preserves all over Montréal. 

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