Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Fling

Please come visit me this Sunday at the Spring Fling: Clothing exchange and Sale. (I made this flyer as I thought the one for the event is quite boring). he he

marc-chagall copy

The deal is you bring some clothes you don't want and $3 and you get a re-usable tote to fill with clothes you do want and then buy accessories from vendors (like me) to complete your new look. You'll want to hang around a while to see what other people are dropping off. That's why there will be drinks and snacks and music. 

This photo is from the work of stylist Julia Laurie, one of the organizers who asked me to be involved in the Spring Fling. Models are wearing my waxed cotton vest in army green and the horse hair belt being sniffed by a real horse. Cute.

ALSO there are golden tickets in some of the totes and the winners get prizes from the vendors. ALSO Citizen Vintage will have a mini shop set up. I love them. See you soon. xoxox

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