Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grass Growing

DSCF4059 I've been growing a lot of cat grass lately. I bought the seeds at the pet store for their christmas stocking. DSCF4052

They nibble at it and it looks nice but i'm not getting the reaction I hoped from them. 

I feel like maybe there is a better kind out there that cats really love and can't resist? Does anyone know? DSCF4077
This is the pigeon watching stance.


Mary Hudson said...

Cats only really eat the cat grass to relieve their tummies. Ruby loves it because she loves to puke all over my stuff, our other cat doesn't have nay interest. If you want to get them something they can't resist, get seeds for cat mint.

Genevieve Savard said...

I KNEW I could rely on you for this information. Thank you! I should have just wrote: Mary what do you suggest?

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