Saturday, January 14, 2012

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audrey cantwell's blog interview for dress to kill magazine shouts out to yours truly as one of her many favorite montréal designers. god bless her.


of a kind online store "likes" my dark crystal waxed cotton bag on their blog. hmmm maybe they'll ask me to do a special edition piece for their store?? hint hint

AND i recently discovered this lovely blog where the lovely things are who also featured my bag. 


why am i sharing all this here? because i am not on facebook anymore. i deleted my account (temporarily?) not sure yet. so everything will be forced upon you here, my captive audience (hi mom). 
i need to get away and start some new designing, i feel like the constant reel of what everyone else is thinking or wants you to think they are thinking is in my head and like sookie stackhouse i need to put up a protective wall to shield this forced collective "mind reading".  a little true blood philosophy.
anyway, you know where to find me.


erin k. said...

we should start some sort of blogging-for-mom collective. and then maybe, over time, there'd be some mom-crossover, and we'd have bigger audiences. of moms. which are the best audiences anyways...

Anonymous said...

yeah my mum says she doesn't care that i'm not on facebook anymore but if i close my blog she'll be really pissed.

elizabeth said...

I wish my mom would comment on my blog instead of just sending me emails that say "I really liked your blog post". I feel like it would make me feel more popular.

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