Saturday, December 31, 2011

le refuge

_MG_1911_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_1959_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_2087_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_1711_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_1769_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_1557_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_1448_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_1122_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_0960_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_1042_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_0662_edit_sebastien_roy _MG_0541_edit_sebastien_roy
I was very happy to contribute some clothing to the latest créatif shoot by Sébastien Roy and Mélanie Brisson. You can see a lot of knit pieces in there by Maude Nibelungen, who i adore.

Photographe: Sébastien Roy Assistante photographe: Dominique Green Styliste: Mélanie Brisson Assistante styliste: Stéphanie Pham Maquilleuse: Evangelia Pavlakos Coiffeur: Denis Binet Mannequins: Jérome & Arielle (Specs)

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