Tuesday, September 20, 2011



so i'm gonna be in this fashion show tomorrow. if you are in montreal please come see, it's free. oh and my johnny's in it too. oh and there is a cash prize for 'the winner' ($1000) oh AND one of the judges is denis gagnon!! talk about pressure.... good thing there is a cocktail party before hand, i'm gonna need something to calm my nerves. it's gonna be a fun party, did i mention the dj is mr. roland pemberton the third?!

check out the interviews at worn fashion journal. i can't really believe that's what i look like. so i took my own picture of me in my studio in my fall wardrobe a.k.a. summer clothes plus socks and sweaters).


LudmyJos said...

Good luck! Have lots of fun. Do let me know how was it.

Anonymous said...

jon's not quite looking himself in the worn journal photograph. lol

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