Wednesday, September 14, 2011

catalogue look book!!!



my very first look book, i'm so very happy. i didn't do a real book for the last 2 collections because i was always designing in season but now that i've decided to jump ahead. here it is, magic no. 3


Thank you to kayla for your hard work and attention to detail, it's perfect.
AND thanks to rubiks for being so helpful and patient with us. they are great printers and have 100% recycled paper options.


the next 15 online customers to purchase from my etsy shop will receive a free look book for next season.


Matryoshka said...

oh dear! put me down for 301 - TO DIE FOR. can't wait!!! it can live next to afternoon tea in my closet and they'll tell each other secrets.

supayana said...

this is beautiful genevieve!

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