Friday, August 26, 2011

magic no. 3


i did a little photo shoot yesterday for my latest collection:
MAGIC no. 3
here are some pictures i took of my lovely and talented crew. above is the sweet and super tall model VERO from dulcedo models. She was quite young and sooo good, very posey.

Hollie Hensman (the bride) did hair and make up. beautiful job, super pro from her years as a mac make-up artist. i'd hire her again in a second.

kayla, my best friend and new assistant. words cannot describe how lucky i am to steal her for my own. i hope she can stay and work full time.

hollie checking her phone for messages to be an extra in the movies!

photographer april lea, so confident and fun to work with. we shot in the basement hallway of her studio building. there was a lot of white power bullshit graffiti on the wall. charming.


great work team and THANK YOU! this was for a look book but i'll post some behind the pics of the creative portion next.
also thank you Unicorn Boutique for allowing me to borrow these beautiful shoes!

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