Tuesday, June 7, 2011

silk bloomers


i made these just for me but since i have so much left over fabric i thought why not share. silk bloomers are perfect for bike riding when wearing a dress, you don't flash panties and don't chaff your legs on the seat. on a hot day they are really breathable, because they are silk, and on a windy day they keep you covered. i also wear them around the house and to bed.


with the right length dress the ruffle just peeks out like a little petticoat.


i hand tie dyed (and batiked) these. yup i tried tie dyeing, it was easy and fun and since it's just underclothes there was no pressure. i have a purple and gold one, i'm dye-ing to use. ha ha.


available on etsy for $86

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Another Sewing Scientist said...

Oooh nice. I like the antique colour. White would look too much like the ones Tashi wears ;)

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