Friday, June 3, 2011

the deats

neon vest

i thought i'd give you a little more info on the construction of this vest.


the front seams create perfect little bust shaping. it closes with very tough, thick leather ties which i like to leave open and dangling. if you're not into leather they could be replaced.


this vest has dramatic shoulders raised with the pattern and custom shaped shoulder pads. it's very tough and i suggest wearing it with the most delicate silk dress and heels.

vest 3

the side seam wraps around to back to accent the shape of the hem which dips a little past your waist. inside is a quilted lining.

the wax finish makes it water and soil repellent. if it gets dirty don't wash or dry clean just sponge off with a wet cloth. As you wear the vest in it will develop a beautiful aged patina and natural creases will appear just like a leather vest.

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elizabeth said...

It's a beauty! One of my very favourite of all your patterns.


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