Sunday, May 1, 2011

fairy tales do come true


ok i couldn't hold it in any longer and will not be wearing my mono tyvek scarf dress until the perfect circumstances presents itself: like hot thunder storm music festival; riding through a swamp on a raft to magical camping spot; flying kites on a mountain top.

SO instead i'll show you some amazing photos of it by anewdawnfades

the design is very interesting and using tyvek was brilliant and weird. it's not a dress i would usually pick since it's kinda hard to wear but seeing as it was a trade situation with heather i thought it was a good opportunity to own a really amazing piece.


also here is my weekend etsy treasury i currated called fairy tale

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Buffy Leigh said...

I love this dress. I got it last summer and am always thinking of when I can wear it next. Great photos!

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