Monday, May 16, 2011



i have finally decided to buy some professionally waxed cotton instead of doing it myself. it is made in new york city by the same family for seven generations. they only use food and pharmaceutical grade wax, and is completely non-hazardous. It saves me a lot of time and i have been using it for bags and vests (coming soon).


the wax finish makes it water and soil repellent. if it gets dirty you don't wash or dry clean just sponge off with a wet cloth. As you wear the bag in it will develop a beautiful aged patina. it is very stiff and holds it's shape well.


i also recently got some hardware custom made for me by gothic punk hardware on etsy. their stuff is really wild but they were willing to do some simple small triangle hooks that i could not find in metal ANYWHERE and done in black - no more spray painting!



moral of this story is: why do it yourself when you can pay a little more to have others wax and spray coat the materials you need to work with? saves time and probably my lungs.

you can buy this purse here on my etsy shop $320

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