Saturday, April 2, 2011

i made it


well i survived the greyhound bus trip 2.5 days from montreal to edmonton. it was an adventure and some think i am mad but my ticket cost $250 roundtrip including taxes, that is an amazing deal and all i can afford. everything was fine except for about 10 minutes from the edmonton station the bus broke down!! can you believe it?? some sort of sign. welcome home to me.

here is my weekend etsy treasury list i curated called:
traveling by bus


Buffy Leigh said...

Why would you come to Edmonton when you live in a wondrous place like Montreal?!! I hope you brought your rubber boots! Edmonton is one huge puddle right now. Enjoy your stay, and perhaps I'll walk past you without even knowing it. :)

Anonymous said...

visiting the family and friends basically recharging my little heart. edmonton is a wondrous place too!

elizabeth said...

I was gonna say "wow, it looks so sunny and nice there" and then I was like, wait a second....there are no leaves on the trees right now in E-town! You bus-photo faked me out!!!

Glad you arrived safe, can't wait to hear about the trip.

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