Tuesday, April 12, 2011

high level bridge


these are some photos i took while biking across the high level bridge one sunny day last week. i used to bike it everyday to work, so beautiful and grand. one of edmonton's many names (and my favorite) is 'river city'.



here you can see the low level bridge in the distance (great naming huh?) we are simple folk here in e-town. i actually love it.

the city is still a buzz over trevor anderson's short film 'High Level Bridge' that made it all the way to sundance this year. i've added the link below to anyone who hasn't seen it. it's about how many people choose to kill themselves by jumping off it. also it has some nice views of the bridge from many angles.

drawing by Nickelas "Smokey" Johnson

this bridge is a symbol for many of us and a beautiful obstacle. connecting whyte ave and downtown, a well known and lazy edmonton quote; "i don't want to cross the river" wahhh!

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