Thursday, April 7, 2011



giant transition mural by josh holinaty on 105th street downtown. i was so happily surprised to bike by this yesterday i had to stop and admire.


so i was sitting at blue plate diner having a delicious bison pemmican burger and some coffee, reading edmonton's avenue magazine and I came across an article about my friend rollie (cadence weapon). to mark the end of his 2 years as edmonton's poet laureate he is going to take some of his poems and write one word on separate flags and string them along the street leading you (tricking you) into going downtown. it's clever but i myself have never had problem getting there, i actually prefer it to the craziness across the river.


some people use art to draw you downtown, some use shows or restaurants. all good options...... but i prefer SHOPPING! if you haven't been to coup boutique on 104 street just off jasper ave go check it out, they are new and the clothes are too beautiful. i bought myself a blouse to wear to opening night at the citadel.


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