Thursday, March 3, 2011

spray paint + fringe =


this is an old old old design, i'm talking the original myrtle and pearls sold at nokomis and royal bisons like 4 years ago! but a great piece for using up scraps of recycled leather and also that gold chain i convinced nokomis i needed like 6000 metres of. he he hehe. AND i get to use my favorite accessories making process ever SPRAY PAINT! cher said on twitter that capital letters means yelling. SO I GUESS I AM YELLING. too much working better sleep now. also i'm keeping the tops gold because it looks cool.


necklaces will be sold at puces pop sale this weekend only $30

1 comment:

erin k. said...

oh i like those! and i like the top-gold best. sassy. and completely appropriate internet yelling. too.

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