Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pancake heaven

i had to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast in order to use this apple caramel jam from Crooked Kitchen Jam and my maple syrup holder shown to the left made by Marianne Chénard both puces pop vendors last weekend.


ALSO sending out dresses today including the fluorescent chartreuse to victoire in ottawa and unicorn in montreal. or you can buy it on etsy!


mina said...

I really wanted to go to Puces Pop but I've been so incredibly sick.

Your breakfast looks amazing... I'm looking forward to finding some good maple syrup in Quebec.

Genevieve said...

the vendors where really amazing this time, but i'm sure they all have etsy accounts. here is a list of the vendors for anyone who missed it. http://popmontreal.com/en/puces/news/introducing-our-march-puces-vendors

elizabeth said...

Yummy. We've been on the pancake train over here too. I've entirely replaced buying wine with buying maple syrup....wonder which is worse for me in the long run?

Genevieve said...

i guess it was shrove tuesday when everybody eats pancakes before lent? i had no idea...or did i? miracle religious experience.

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