Friday, March 18, 2011

blog contest winner! genevieve simms


i guess seven isn't THAT high a number but pretty high for a 26 year old that's like one cat every 3.7 years..anyway incase you were interested here they are;

1. OSCAR - (all grey) never neutered and i assume he ran away to raise a family of his own in the woods?
2. LUCY- (fluffy kitten) stepped on and killed by my brother (horrible tragic accident) i forgive you christopher.
3. MILO - (orange and FAT tabby like garfield) actually lived to be very old and died of kitty-betes on my mum's acreage last year.
4. STELLA - (beautiful petite black) lost in bc when i lived there and probably eaten by a vicious raccoon. i screamed "stella!" in the mountains for days....
5. BELLA - (grey tabby) stella's daughter died mysteriously (i think it was electrocution?) and was found in the yard by my grandfather beside a power pole. the only cat i buried myself.
6. ESTEE- (grey tabby) twin sister of bella and daughter of stella i let her run free in the country and in the city, i thought freedom was best for this one but she was hit by a car at 8 years old and i had to put her down. she was my favorite and the only cat to die in my arms.
7. PIPI- (orange tabby) purchased for 20 bucks from some kids and the only cat i've ever paid for. she was totally fucking wild when i brought her home. i love her.


could be a good kids story what not to do. well now you know i am a crazy cat lady. my mum made this dish in her pottery phase.
congratulations genevieve simms


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winter's over baby! send me your address so i can ship your prize!

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