Tuesday, February 8, 2011

studio visit

i went to see some silk samples at the studio of some designer friends here in montreal. their space is a huge industrial dream, so i had to share.


yana's space is the cutest, next to her work area is a little cozy corner that she can curtain off when she needs some privacy and maybe a nap. check out her etsy site supayana


beautiful display showroom right when you walk in the door. potential buyers can pop in to see what they have each season. very smart. they built it using scrap wood.

angie's work space (norwegianwood) behind her and past elizabeth, audrey and yana. we got to look at her upcoming fall collection, very cool stuff. i'm very lucky to have all these talented ladies to talk to about work with!!


i really love marc simard's space. i was drawn like a moth to a flame when i saw his leather collection that he keeps well stocked for his work broundoor
he also uses this old beautiful singer sewing machine. love it.


angie and marc's lounge area

hordes and hordes of vintage clothing for their vintage etsy shops. it's like a dress up heaven. also there is a photographer that shares the space, very convenient for fashion designers!

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Victoire said...

I always LOVED visiting their studios SO MUCH!

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