Monday, February 21, 2011

denis gagnon


i went to the montreal museum of fine arts on the last day of the denis gagnon exhibit. it was a very stark and dark set up. i only took photos of the zipper pieces, they are my personal favorite and what he is most known for lately.


Mr. Gagnon attended college LaSalle and then went on to making costumes to get more experience with his craft which i believe to be a very smart move that many fashion students overlook. there is a lot of couture sewing and old technics kept alive in costume making plus the money is not bad.

he calls leather his fetish material.



it was a wonderful snowy day to just walk around the musuem, i had trouble finding it but luckily a style blogger from boston?? stopped to take my picture and was able to point me in the right direction. beyond boston chic


elizabeth said...

I loved this show, so inspiring and interesting. Those zipper pieces were just amazing, I kept thinking of how much they'd weigh to wear, ouch!

Anonymous said...

yes, not so fun to wear especially the jacket, my pictures were too dark of the backs of these to post but the jacket one had like a zipper thong thing attached so it looked like a dance outfit. yikes!

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