Sunday, December 26, 2010

why i love christmas: part two


hanging stockings...ummm i mean hanging dollarama bags, this is the only store that is doing well in the recession

for breakfast: mussels in a white wine and garlic cream sauce and a plate of fresh strawberries all from the atwater market here in montreal

giving the cat presents like this loyal luxe cat tipi, so cute. i also made pipi this little bear skin rug out of shearling scraps.

feeding elizabeth's cat cleo while they are out of town and giving her a present from "santaclaws" while we drink the champagne they left us

as long as we were in the neighbourhood might as well go skating at Parc La Fontaine the ice is a little bumpy there but i managed to only fall once!

i also believe in giving yourself presents like this mono dress that was half off!

Christmas parties! we went to angie and tyson's orphan's christmas party which they host every year, they also run a lovely store in montreal Headquarters galerie and boutique but unfortunately there are no photo's of this, i guess i was having too much fun....

it was really special doing whatever i wanted all day long with my bf but i do miss you edmonton friends and family!

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