Thursday, December 16, 2010

wax work

so this is the lastest in my waxing cotton with beeswax experiments.......

voila dark crystal tote bag in a black cotton completely soaked in yummy montreal beeswax. it's hard as cardboard yet still pliable and will break in very nicely.

i've been looking for a way to make this 3D bag really pop and leather just wasn't cutting it. this is so structured it stands completely on it's own.

as you can see there are still bits of wax stuck in the cracks even after heat setting but i am assured this will wear off as the bag is worn in. the cotton has a shiny texture in some spots that will dull and even out eventually. looks so old and earthy.

i am quite pleased and will be selling this sample at puces pop unless i decide to keep it for myself.... or get it right now on etsy.

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