Monday, December 6, 2010

smart design mart


this weekend was spent selling at the smart design mart sale here in Montreal. It was a wonderful time even though i was getting a cold and hung over twice.
i'm so lucky Johnny helps me do things!

if you missed it i feel for you but there is always Montreal's Winter Puces Pop (18-19 Dec., St-Enfant Jesus Church) and i believe there will be some of the same vendors.
lets meet a few of my talented neighbours......

Elizabeth of Ursa Minor

i'm so lucky i got to sit next to by my best bud elizabeth, reminds me of royal bisons with laurel....

Regine of Steel Magnoilias and Victoire

Angie of Norweigan Wood

Audrey Cantwell


en masse collective did live artwork on giant white walls put up specially for the event for two days straight. it was pretty cool to take a peek at their progress every time you walk to the bathroom or go buy another turkey sandwich.


thanks to everyone who came out and bought something. you support your local artists/designers/craft makers/ jam cookers and we love you for it. This year everyone should try to either recycle gifts for christmas presents, make something yourself for someone else or buy something handmade from a creative person in your community!!


Victoire said...

agreed! what a great week-end - business mixed with pleasure, all surrounded by wonderful creative people who continue to inspire us! Can't wait to have some of your beautiful things in the shop!

Victoire said...

Also I miss those turkey sandwiches.

Genevieve said...

yes i can't wait to send you guys come clothes, elizabeth and i are going to plan a little day trip to ottawa on the megabus in the new year!!!

elizabeth said...


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