Friday, December 10, 2010

magazine time


don't you just love magazines?!! don't ask me how i afford them or find time to read them because i don't know. but it's necessary for my sanity and so is this hot creamy thick coffee. apparently being a designer means i can write magazines off on my taxes!!

juicy fat red grapes with mint, delicious and my favorite tea cup, i believe it used to belong to my grandma myrtle


also in the magazines lately....

article image
my Wolfy Bonnet in FASHION Magazine


and even though this picture of my dress didn't make it into Display Canadian Design Magazine it is a beautiful picture i stole from the photographer's blog she sees (Emilia Thomas) of the behind the scenes pictures taken during the shoot. It was styled by the beautiful Tara Gillespie.


Fiona said...

Genevieve! I saw your bag listed in the Etsy emails...titled "You've Got Taste". How fab is that? The clothing fair looked like so much fun! Wish I was there. xF

elizabeth said...

where did you get the new 'gentlewoman'??

Anonymous said...

fiona: that is so cool....i am just getting into etsy so i have no idea what that is? but i like the sound of it! lol

elizabeth: i got the magazine at multimags

erin k. said...

can you actually write off magazines?! can i?!

also. SUPER CONGRATS on getting in FASHION!

Anonymous said...

yes you can! if you need it for work.

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