Friday, November 19, 2010

look book

recently i bought a mini photo printer (so happy) so i've been printing off pictures of my drawings and including them on the hangtag. so when you buy a item from me you also get a little copy of the original design. this is probably only exciting to my mum.





this spring 2011 season i didn't have the time or money to hire model and photographer for my spring looks and seeing how i mostly am selling consignment in season i thought it could wait until actual spring time. so this is what i did for spring and why not do things differently?! in the old days they would draw pictures, make paper dolls or even send around little mannequins wearing tiny samples so other kingdoms could copy the styles.


Fiona said...

very cute, Genevieve! I feel like you've sported all of these hairstyles at least once in your life! ;)

Genevieve said...

yes now all that's left is to shave it all off. ha ha

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