Tuesday, November 16, 2010

forest outfit

these leggings are a sample of the long johns i'll have for sale over the winter season (smart mart, christmas puces pop and etsy) however they will be in a light weight black tencel/wool blend fabric. my sample ones shown here are made from some mesh netting i bought in NYC.


they have no seam in front making the legs one piece but i've added a separate bottom piece cut in a diagonal for design detail so the seam starts below your knee in the front and wraps around to your back thigh.


so i'm not a huge fan of "look what i bought blog posts" on my blog but LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT! got this doe pink cashmere/silk scarf at Thistle and Clover in Brooklyn when we were there. it's a very girly cute little boutique and if you end up going be sure to eat at Dino across the street. soooo goood.

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